Omelet around the worldmy Omelette Works

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submitted Drop Box

Appears same, but not same with prior article 🙂
This is another omelet I cooked on 17th Novembe ...

Omelet around the worldmy Omelette Works

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How about amateur work, like mine?

Submitted DropBox

As you see, juicy egg source inside, however, it is leaking ...

Omelet around the worldChicago, No Omelette but, Omni

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Submitted Omni Chicago Hotel

Have you been to Chicago, Il., in the United States of America?
And, before you ...

Omelet around the worldHong Kong, Mandarin Oriental

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Submitted The Clipper Lounge, Mandarine Oriental Hong Kong – August 2007This is the 3rd sequel of breakfast hopper ...


Omelet around the worldHong Kong, Shangri-La

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Submitted Cafe Too, Shangri-La Hong Kong – August 2007

This is a second sequel of breakfast hopping around top-t ...

Omelet around the worldConrad, Hong Kong

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Submitted Breakfast at Conrad Hong Kong – August 2007

Hong Kong has a mixture of western and eastern for everyth ...

Omelet around the worldClarence, Dublin, Ireland

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Submitted: The Clarence, Dublin

I say here “around the world“, I would try to gather so many omelets from ...

Omelet around the world#Hanoi, Sofitel, Vietnam

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As you may find me at extended or twitter, I am here at Sofitel Metropol Hanoi. And as usu


Alegria 五反田にて

#みやたべろぐ #お盆休み の #ランチ難民 と思ったら、はじめましてなお店に遭 ...


#みやたべろぐ #茶色いたべもの 好きな人、お待たせしました。暑いときの栄養補給 ...

五反田焼酎屋 花善にて

#みやたべろぐ #昨日のこと だけど、美味しい角煮だったので、焼酎の揃えも良さそ ...

くずし割烹ぼんた ハピリン店にて

#みやたべろぐ #福井駅 なう。鯖もざぶとん揚げもうまいっす。さすがその土地で頂 ...


#みやたべろぐ #暑いから 名物の #トマトつけ麺 ではなく冷たい和風つけ麺、に ...