Omelet around the worldLondon, Sofitel, UK

From Jersey back to Tokyo is not an easy travel.  From Jersey to London, most likely you may fly with BA, as the lo ...

Omelet around the worldCarluccio's, London

In January, 2015, I was lucky to have a good excuse to be back to London.  And one of my routine in London is to se ...

Omelet around the worldLondon

Now that I am back in London after arrested in Tokyo for 8 months due to many reasons.  This time is my first ev ...

Omelet around the worldLondon, UK

I missed any good excuse to come to London in 2012.  I might have been considered that I should be around Wimble ...


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Sorry to put this to omelette blog but, it was something I got impressed to “Egg Royale” 1 or 2 eggs


Omelet around the worldLondon

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During travel around the world, sometimes you are tempted to go out for breakfast.  Taking a fresh morning air u ...

Omelet around the worldLondon

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When thinking about staying London, there are so many (but not X) factors to choose hotels, or even areas:  wher ...

Omelet around the worldLondon

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I did not imagine that this is an omelet, but French toast…

— iPhoneから送信

Omelet around the worldLondon

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Now I am back in London, and stayed at another hotel in Marylebone, London, The Mandeville.  Hotel itself is aut ...

Omelet around the worldLondon

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Luckily I could stay at one of traditional hotel in London to enjoy their master piece. While I can pick up their c ...



#みやたべろぐ in #麹町 ここの #お蕎麦 は #盛りがいい し久しぶりに食 ...


#みやたべろぐ #五反田 で多分 #一番新しい とんかつ屋さん。なのでロケーショ ...


#みやたべろぐ たまには #新橋 #鴨 の #親子丼 ですって。

炭火串焼 いろどりやにて

#みやたべろぐ 久しぶりに #親子丼 と思ったら #鶏かつ に心奪われました。


#みやたべろぐ にしては #食べ物がない けど #久保田 の今売り出し中の #千 ...