Garden Cafe, Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong



この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 2 分です。

Many of you might know, I love Conrad Hong Kong, where the some of staff recognize me so I feel it as second home. Last December was another chance to come back home, while I have been missing as hotel rates in HK in general rose high as double comparing with a couple of years ago, but it appears nothing changed, all the staff I recognise are around and they recognise me too 🙂

But, one notably discover was that I found a couple of staff in black at Garden Cafe, and one of them made a perfect omelet, with seamless round shape.  Shame, I did not bring my iPhone or cam with me on that day, and that was only when I got that occasion…  I must come back again, so soon…

 — iPadから送信